Followers Feature: Rashida Lucy Is Inspiring Us All To Not Give a F*ck

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3 min readFeb 27, 2022

Every Sunday I feature one of my followers. Highlighting the ways their writing inspired or challenge me to be a better human.

Come along for the ride.

Clearly, RashidaLucy is a force to be reckoned with. I don’t know if she was born this way. But this girl is on fire.

This past week, Rashida joined the crew over at Cielo Vida. I’m stoked she stopped by. You see, Rashida is the no-holds-barred BFF you need in your corner when sh&t hits the fan. She’ll be there to remind you not to give so many F*cks.

As I read about the recent party Rashida attended, the one that gave her the dreaded oversharing hangover, I found myself raising my hand. Me too, Rashida. Me too.

“Back at home, I sulked around as parts of the event replayed under the hard-nosed lens of hindsight. Lingering feelings of awkwardness and unease erupted from my mouth as sighs and grunts.” RashidaLucy

This girl gets us.

She knows we all leave social events wishing we’d just kept our mouths shut. As I read, I felt like Rashida’d read my mind.

Just two days ago I was completing my now routine three journal questions I answer at the end of each day. (Thanks Jack Krier) One of the questions is, “What could I do better tomorrow?” Here’s what I wrote:

Tomorrow I can do better by being more in my body. Being where my hands are. Instead of being in my head worrying about what other people are thinking of me.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the vast amount of mental energy I’ve wasted in life trying to figure out how to please or impress other people. Quite honestly, it’s disturbing.

I relate so hard to Rashida’s experience.

Her writing this week was just the high-five I needed to confirm I’m on the right path. She walks us through her decision to flip her insecurity and regret into a solid “who gives a damn” attitude. Yes, queen. YES!

“Whatever someone may or may not be thinking about me, f*ck it. Just like that, I was…

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