Followers Feature: Kristie Prada’s Unique Way to Support Ukraine

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2 min readMar 6, 2022

Every Sunday I feature one of my followers. Highlighting the ways their writing inspired or challenge me to be a better human.

Come along for the ride.

I’m thankful for writers like Kristie Prada. And grateful to Medium for introducing her to me.

You see, British mum Kristie is raising a six-year-old type one diabetic. Because of this, she’s paying attention.

Kristie’s caught wind that the Russia-Ukraine war is putting thousands of Ukrainians at risk. For hypoglycemia. The horrors of this humanitarian crisis just keep unraveling, don’t they?

I cannot imagine what it’s like for Ukrainians fleeing their homes, while struggling for access to food and medicine. Photo by Marjan Blan | @marjanblan on Unsplash

Insulin availability has been impacted by the war. Pharmacies are impacted. Food supplies are impacted.

One mother talked of the horror of taking her child into a shelter and not having enough hypo treatments to last the night. — Kristie Prada

Reading her recent story about how we can support diabetics in Ukraine gave me chills. I’m a mama. And a grandmother. The idea of not having access to food or medical supplies for my children or grandchildren feels unthinkable.

Kristie’s writing is a testament to the power of platforms like Medium. It’s an outlet for us to share what’s on our minds.

We’re connected to writers around the globe who have perspectives to offer different from our own worldview. While at the same time, reminding us that we’re not so different at all.

Knowing there’s a mom like Kristie out there doing what she can to help Ukrainians with diabetes connects me to her. Without ever meeting face to face.

She’s also raising bilingual kids. Something I always wanted to do. While living in Italy. A place I plan to visit someday.

Kristie’s creating stories about her life in Italy. Through her writing, she takes me to places none of my other followers do. She offers locals-only secret tips. I can’t wait to read more.

Curious about Italy? Want to figure out how you can help Ukrainians in danger of hypoglycemia right now? Pop on over to Kristie’s page. Give her a follow.

Keep reading her work.

And always be writing. XO~Cielo

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